You may begin as a double enrollment individual in a bachelor’s diploma application on any grounds or on the web: green shape, Cumming, Dahlonega, Gainesville or Oconee.

You may begin as a double enrollment individual in a bachelor’s diploma application on any grounds or on the web: green shape, Cumming, Dahlonega, Gainesville or Oconee.

You will not be confirmed a course timetable at certain occasions or spots.

Not sure of which major you will want to select? Utilize the correct technology to assist you establish a lifetime career desire and exactly what major is ideal for your.


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( All work deadlines have reached close of company. All promoting records become because within 2 weeks of the program due date. )


seated and serve experience ratings must certanly be transferred electronically throughout the college or university table or function. Sample score created and printed on senior school or school transcripts of the audio won’t be recognized.

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You can need the College table to deliver the seated results to profile #5497, or your own function results to account #0848, aside from which campus you would like to enroll in. Test ratings created and printed on senior school or university transcripts won’t be acknowledged.

Continue steadily to watch the job level while finishing procedures 1-5 to ensure we have received all necessary information. Look at your program reputation.

Q: i will not get our SAT/ACT scores until after the UNG tool due date. What will happen these days?A: : you’ve got the substitute for take Institutional act upon all of our orange shape, Dahlonega, Gainesville and Oconee Campuses. The tests could be offered every two weeks. Observe that scores from institutional checks are often simply advantageous to entrance this particular company. You need to stop by our screening office internet site for detailed information.

Q: in which will the school training course assets we secure transfer?A: To most four-year universities and colleges.

Q: just what programs are around for us to take?A: Any courses that UNG kids can get, along with that you meet with the training requirements. Take note that the Dual registration plan will purchase courses from accepted training course write.

Q: After I graduate from high-school, how does someone come to be a student at UNG?A: to carry eris PЕ™ihlГЎsit se on at UNG after twelfth grade graduation, you must finalize a double registration course plan type from the determined deadline date for any name and grounds you intend to be viewed. It is not necessary in order to complete a software for admission or submit an application cost. Please note that admission to a bachelors level regimen is highly competitive and therefore entry will depend on that years candidate swimming pool. If you are ineligible for a bachelors diploma regimen, could immediately be regarded as your connect level path with the possibility to internally send to a bachelors degree regimen at a later time.

Q: How does someone arrange my own training courses?A: you deal with your very own senior school assistance counselor as well as your UNG twin registration expert.

Q: What amount of curriculum am I allowed to take?A: you could potentially need countless methods as you want; however, two Enrollment regimen will probably pay for 30 loans several hours.

Q: perform simple two enrollment curriculum depend against the OPTIMISM fund hat as I graduate from higher school?A: No. DESIRE covers 127 financing hrs for bachelor’s amount people and 90 credit days for link amount children. The training you’re taking while dual signed up should not lower cover.

Q: Is It Possible To twin go to the two registration program at a few college/university simultaneously?A: Yes. It is vital that you submit an application for admission to each and every organization and upload a separate two registration course beginner Participation settlement per each company. Double Enrollment plan can pay for required prices, tuition and books each and every establishment.

Q: were dual-enrollment students permitted to reside on campus?A: No, pupils participating in dual-enrollment at UNG may not be entitled to reside in the residency halls.

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