4L80E inexpensive stand alone trans operator utilizing 0411 GM engine PCM.

4L80E inexpensive stand alone trans operator utilizing 0411 GM engine PCM.

ALTER 9/26/16 – nowadays i’ve over 400 kilometers for this stand alone transmission operator. I additionally recently aroused the torque converter clutch to trigger in overdrive. Everything is using properly and moves just like it will.

Because topic claims. This is often for people guys that are operating MegaSquirt, carbs or something like that except that a manufacturing plant personal computer for his or her machines. This posting is made for FUNCTIONING FROM THE 4L80E INDICATION. I (Dale Follett) can document learning to make it run a 4L60e way too if their own sufficient focus involved with it.

We (Dale Follett) had been tired of using our LS engine/4L80e infection wired awake for whole manual valve human anatomy and sought it to change it self quickly like a factory machine. This might be carried out by swapping throughout the complete system desktop and funnel back once again to a factory type PCM, BUT my vehicle are bound up with MegaSquirt 2 and that I like its attributes. A Microsquirt and 4L80e generate is definitely $450.00, but thats a bit much to swing just for automatic transmission control and I wanted a cheaper option. This is what we developed, just expense 2 horsepower tuners Licencing credits and a PCM from your junkyard (utter of $125.00) many of my own time.

Involved Pieces or Resources>

horsepower tuners user interface or somebody who has a horsepower tuners screen.

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0411 PCM that has been a throttle entire body drive by cable tv organize. Does not matter in case ended up being a 4L60E or 4L80E only creating some type of computer that operated the infection from your manufacturing plant from junkyard is a lot easier.

Any normal circuit bad. Soldering irons, cable strippers, electrical recording or if you would like to be elegant heat contract, line, etc.

Every one of the sign electric connections, as well Factory PCM energy connectors, and a OBD2 diagnostics slot connector for that HP tuners software to PCM marketing and sales communications.

As already mentioned this is certainly the 4L80E GM relaying MAKING USE OF THE CHANGED MOVE ACROSS TRANSMITTING CONNECTOR.

Really the only necessary PCM inputs from system should be only RPM and throttle state. The remainder PCM’s stimulant may the infection by itself.

Greatest things is PCM collection. You will want a PCM that works a 4L80E preferably or 4L60E which checks out the crankshaft placement controls. Situation, your firebird setup are starting a 4.8L LS gen 3 system with the 24X wheel. Therefore for your PCM or tune document, they would have to be out of an automobile that have the LS 24X crankshaft placement detector wheel so that the PCM’s RPM input would look over truthfully. In the french adult chat room event the managing a older type 350 tiny neighborhood chevy you would probably want a PCM out-of a chevy present van and setup the engine for the same crankshaft situation sensor and wheel to get the correct RPM feedback into the PCM.

The next thing is TPS. For us using EFI however this is no big issue because you curently have a TPS sensor. For those of you who will be looking into carrying this out for your own carburated configurations, you will need to fabricate a mount onto your carbs for a TPS detector. This PCM NEEDS A TPS ENTER so to feature correctly as a transmission regulation section.

At this point on the best way to wire they in. Their particular are no pre-made wires harness’ because of it you will have to establish your own harness. It is not necessarily that difficult though and absolutely nothing versus building a engine wiring generate. I-go by pinout include and connector pin is important achieve our circuit funnel’ because the wiring colour could be dissimilar to model and make car or truck your own trading areas around. Only helps make lives convenient since cable color may vary from times to by however, the PCM’s pins and connector pinouts try not to replace the PCM and wiring directions I prefer become for that 0411 or P01 GM PCM with the green and Red PCM connectors. The Blue connector is called C1 in addition to the Red connector is referred to as C2.

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